On March 15, the Pouladi lab (TLGM) organised the inaugural UniStem Day Singapore, hosting secondary school students for a day of outreach. Students were introduced to a range of neuroscience methods. Drs. Mahmoud Pouladi (TLGM) and Judy Sng (NUS) coordinated the day.

UniStem Day is an event aimed at promoting a scientific culture among young generation starting from the wonders and issues surrounding stem cell research. On UniStem Day, in one single day, 35,000 students are gathered in different universities with the opportunity to listen and learn from the best experts on stem cells in the World. Among the participating countries this year are Austria, Australia, Colombia, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Sweden. The event, launched in 2009 at Milan University, promotes a unified vision of science and the importance of study and culture for all citizens.

Photos from the event are available here: https://www.sfn.sg/student-visit-to-tglm/